Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japanese Blocks

When the Japanese girls came to visit Holly and go to the Paducah Quilt show, we just had to send something home with them!  And since we are messing around with our new business, we decided to make a seasonal display for them so they would remember us the whole year thru.  Holly selected fabics and designed the series and I did the grunt work on the machine.  It was just too much fun!  Each set is similar but none are exactly alike.  I was able to meet the group at the Cracker Barrel resturant on their way back to Atlanta and be in on the presentation.  Since I have a 'real job' it has cut into my goings a bit too much!!  But Holly made sure I was there to see their faces and get hugs from all.

Each set has a block for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  We stamped the Japanese symbol for these seasons on each block as appropriate.  I used alcohol ink and stamped that right on the fabric.   Each block is about 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".  The pieces are raw edge machine quilted.  I used the 'quilt-la-que' technique.  I raw edge machine stitched around each die-cut fused shape thru the background the batting and the back.  So when I was done doing the raw edge applique, all I had to do was bind.  Simple, easy and fast!  That's the way to do it!!!  Holly gave each of the girls a cute wire hanger so they could display them on the wall of their house.