Sunday, July 17, 2011

The pieces become blocks and the blocks become a quilt top!

After all of Betty and Louise's hard work pressing, trimming and peeling of tissue paper, it is finally time to sew something together.  We started by laying out a corner on the living room floor.

And then we completed the outside border, block by block.
And then the fun part - Uncle Dan started to fill the inside with the completed blocks.  Dan and Matt had to make sure that no two of the same fabrics touched, that colors flowed and tones matched...  yeah, a Braves game was on at their attention may not have always been on color placement but they were persistent and didn't cuss at me too much!

 TAA DAA!!!!  Well, at least it is all on the floor in the way it is gonna be sewen.  Now to the Throneberry production line of quilt making.  Dan picked up two blocks to be sewen togehter, handed them to Matt who handed them to me.  I thru the finished blocks on the sofa, Uncle Dan picked them up and tried to remember where they went and then handed more to Matt.  It took about half the quilt before we really got in a grove!  But, at this point, all the rows are together.

the next step is to sew the rows together into one big quilt top, make the backing, get it off to Aunt Zoe to longarm quilt, sew the binding one and handstitch all around the edge.  And then it will be time for the surprise!    Yeehaw!!!