Sunday, July 17, 2011

We are getting some movement!

Now we are getting somewhere with this quilt top thanks to Betty and Louise's hard work.  It is going from pieces to blocks and Betty and Louise's visit made progress by leaps and bounds!!   I was sewing, they were pressing and cutting - we had a real assembly line!  And I would not be so far along without their help!  What sweet girls to spend their short 'vacation' working on this quilt and buying what was on the grocery list!  True friends really know what you need when you need it!  xoxox

And they started ripping the tissue paper off the backs of the pieces so I could start sewing together blocks to see if this whole experiment was going to work or not!

 And work is does!!!  This is a picture of nine blocks up on the design wall.  This is gonna be cool!  Ryan and Michael should just love it.  What fun it will be to find the different fabrics from all the people that love them.  This is lookin' way better than even I imagined!

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