Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Quilt

Just whipped up the cutest little baby quilt for my newphew, Kevin, to give to a brand new baby of a co-worker.  It is so cute.  He knows the baby will be a little girl and he knows that she will be delivered by C-section tomorrow morning.  Think I'll overnight this quilt. . . .

 Here's a closeup of the wonderful butterfly inspiration fabric.  I sorted thru all my stash but what do you know, I don't have any cute stuff for a sweet little girl.  The closest thing to baby pink I had was glow-in-the dark highlighter pink.  Yeah, not gonna work.  Dan and I ran to Joann's (the only place open around here on a Sunday) and found this great bundle of the solids.  Dan had seen some butterfly fabric he took a shine to and then as we were walking to the cutting counter, saw this butterfly print.  Wow!  The colors are perfect and enough on the 'bright' side to make me happy.  Saw this pattern in the latest Fons and Porter and just went with it!  Kinda looks like woven ribbons.
Welcome to the world baby girl!  August 22, 2011 is a great to come into this world.  xoxox


  1. Aunt Lisa, thank you so much for making this beautiful little quilt. It was a big hit. Jason and Kim loved it and I am sure Baby Cali will as well. You do great work and it shows with every piece you do!