Sunday, August 21, 2011

Newest victims - ah, I mean students in Quilting 101

Ah, yes, two new students have been added to the list of Quilting 101 victims.  these two were pretty much fun, fun, fun.  Both of them seemed not be taken aback by my lack of organization and style.  Good for them!!!

Blair already has plans for a really cool quilt she has designed and has the fabric already purchased.  She just needed a bit of jump start to brush up her skills.  Desire and drive are the first steps to design.  She is well on the road.  When we played around with fabric arrangement, of course she choose the path less traveled.  I love that in a woman!!  Nice job, Blair.

Ginny has s flair for fabric selection!  I just love the medium print she choose.  We talked about how much more fabric she could use up if she fussy cut that cool fabric to have a different element in the center of each block.  That's the foundation of quilting - use up as much fabric as possible, isn't it???  Very nice job, Ginny.  Keep up the good work!