Monday, September 5, 2011

Quilt Label arrives from Australia!!

Auntie Joan (from 'Down Under') has completed the label for Ryan and Micheal's double wedding ring quilt.  And it is fabulous.  Auntie Joan sent some pictures of the label in progress.  This is pretty cool machine she's got!!  I am very impressed.  Ole talented Auntie Joan designed this label and choose the colors especially for the quilt.  Wow!  This is way cool!  Who'd a thought this whole project would turn our this incredible.  You go, Joan!!  We bow to your creativity and talent!
Auntie Joan has it all planned out on the fancy machine and we are off!

 We have got to find out just how long this took for the machine to stitch out.  This machine is way cool.
 Look at the wedding rings!  They are outlined in a heavier gold stitching and just fabulous!  The stitching in an arch over the rings and ribbon is just inspired.
 Now for a classy saying. . .
 . . . and who all had a hand in this project.  Ya know, I'm sure the machine does this, but aren't the lines all straight and everything all centered and aligned.  Yeah, it's the machine and not Joan. . .   lol
And for the big finish -- this wonderful label is surrounded by fabric from Auntie Joan's own Australian stash.  You go, Joan.  This is just amazing!  You are the embroidery goddess!


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