Friday, October 14, 2011

The Double Wedding Ring is back from Zoe!!!

Yippee, look what came in the mail!!!  I was so excited when I got home and saw this big box waiting for me!!!  Well, for Ryan and Michael really but it is mine for a little while. 

And look how pretty it is packed in it's little box!
Zoe really knows how to do it up right!  It's like an early Christmas!  And it is all fold so pretty and all tied up with a bow!  Zoe, girl, you rock.

So, what does her little note say???  Well, as usual, she is telling me what to do!  She says, "Draw your lines - and sew ALL around edges BEFORE you trim to square up otherwise it will spread or seem to grow.  I left pins in to help (at the top and bottom)."  Thanks for the heads up.  You know me well!  I would have stuck my little fingers for sure.  She used a pattern called "Manchester Cavier" by Anne Bright. How perfect.  But I will be a bit of a tease right now!  You all can't see the pattern til I apply the binding and then we will have the big reveal!!!