Monday, October 17, 2011

Look what Betty did!!

Betty whipped up 2 tumbler block charity quilts for the Murfreesboro Sewing Ladies and we dropped them off when she was in town.  These are just so cute!  I love this block.  Ole RJ just had to get in the picture to show off all the weight she has lost.  Way to go, RJ.  Why is the answer always 'diet and exercise"?  Can't it just be 'chocolate and the couch" just once?
And Betty, quite accomplished quilter that she is becoming, made these tops by using the pieces as 'spiders' while sewing other projects.  A 'spider' is a random piece of fabric run thru the sewing machine before and after any piecing that is not chain pieced.  So, Bonnie Hunter   has taken the spider to a whole new level.  She always has a box of fabric pre-cut and ready to go when she needs a 'spider'.  Before you know it, you have lots of blocks made.
Rj is taking a bunch of tumbler blocks to the Project Linus Blanket Day for the 4Hers to work on.


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