Monday, October 17, 2011

Maple Sugar

A few years ago, Betty and I took a road trip to Keepsake Quilters and I bought this kit.  Never have gotten around to making it and she said instead of me trying to sell in on ebay, she would take it and make it.  Well, the clever girl instead, cut it out and brought the kit along on her latest trip to see me.  So, with the kit all cut out, we just tag teamed the sewing and before we knew it, we had a really beautiful top.

Betty has found the backing and is going to have her longarmer quilt it. What a beautiful piece.  I am so glad she 'made' me sew it.  Of course, when you are sewing with your buddy, it is a lot better than sewing alone.  And the project goes together a lot quicker, too!!!  Thank you, Betty!!!