Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ryan and Michael have their quilt!

Last Saturday night, Ryan arranged a little surprise gathering at a relatives house to present the quilt to Michael.  Michael knew something was up but had no idea what it was.  We all were out on the deck waiting for their arrival.  Ryan had the most beautiful 'love note' to read to Micheal (we all cried) and then he got to open up the quilt.  What a wonderful group project completely made with love!!!

 Melinda Overstreet took some great pictures (check out her pictures here) and Danielle recorded Ryan reading his 'love note' to Micheal (go here to see the video).  It takes a bit to load and you need QuickTime but it is worth it !!!

They looked so good under their new quilt, I just had to jump in!!!

This was a pretty cool project for all of us to work on.  Thanks to everyone who  helped me figure out what to do, donated fabric, helped me pick out fabrics, cut stuff, ironed stuff, tore off the paper pattern FROM EACH AND EVERY PIECE, and lovingly longarm quilted it and made the beautiful label for this great piece.  Give your selves a pat on the back and a hug until I see you again to do it in person.  Bravo, team, bravo!!!