Monday, February 13, 2012

Murfreesboro Quilting Retreat

Since Betty and I did not get to go to the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild Retreat this January at beautiful Unicoi State Park with all the girls, thanks to a really low air fare,  Betty and I had our own little retreat in lovely Murfreesboro, TN.  The scenery and the company was not up to the event we missed, but we had a great time together and got quite a lot accomplished.  And made plans for the next mini-retreat!!  But, Betty brought the cold weather from Michigan with her and TN had the coldest weather of the winter!!

I made a bunch of cute tissue holders to give to special folks on Valentine's Day 

and started my challenge piece for the 2012 Bulloch Hall Quilt Show in March.  But we really focused on a couple projects Betty had brought and it has really warmed up my sewing engines!!!!

Betty has had this little Easter piece from Buggy Barns in her head for a while.  The bunnies will have little dark eyes, pink noses (maybe heart buttons, maybe heart beads) and buttons on their bowties.  The chocolate bunny in the middle is sitting backward from all the other bunnies, so she will add a fuzzy white tail.  I hope she adds some glitter in there, too, but that is me and not her!!!  Maybe she is going to add some little Easter Egg buttons to the baskets in the corner.  Of course, the baskets are from And we cut out the eggs on the die-cut machine, too.  All the scattered eggs are stuffed and she will add them after the piece is quilted - just tack them to the surface.  They have glitter-y rick rack and fancy trim.  How delightful!!!  She promised to send a pic of the finished piece!!!  I think the eyes and buttons and such will just set it all off!  The chocolate bunny in the middle is just inspired, Betty!!  This is just so cute.

And then we started with the 2 inch squares!  Man, you talk about using up thread.  Every time we turned around, we were replacing the bobbin.  We kinda tag-teamed this guy.  Betty started off all "you just have to have every point perfect' so she was on the machine and I manned the iron.  Of course, after awhile, her standards kinda lowered and I got to sew some!  lol  Borders are just pinned on the design wall, so we better get a finished pic of this one, too!!!

And really, her points are pretty darned good!!!  I'll have to give her that one!!!  

This piece is so cute.  I may have caught the 2 inch square bug though.  There were a couple really cute pieces in the book.  And, I have completely lost my mind if I go 1 inch squares???  Yeah, you don't have to answer that one. . .   And really, I have the 2 inch die so all those 2 inch squares are awful easy to cut out. . . . .   Maybe I will just downsize the number of blocks.  This one might look really cute with 5 hearts and 4 blue dots.  Yeah, that would make way more sense than going 1 inch block.  Thank you for talking me out of it!!!

Way to go, Betty!  We are getting very good at mini-retreats!!  Let's plan on July for a whole week at the lake. . .


  1. Lisa, my step sister and I are planning to have a mini quilt retreat in Murfreesboro, as it is half way between us. Where did you stay?